Gainesville Church of God
Gainesville Church of God

About Us

Purpose- Why we exist

To fulfill the Great Commission

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

-Mark 16:15


Mission- Who to reach

1. Saints in the fog: the uncommitted

2. Stones under heaps of rubbish: the unchurched

3. Souls near destructions: the unredeemed


Vision- How to reach

1. Help: ministry to the body- visible

2. Hope: ministry to the soul- invisible

3. Healing: ministry to the body, soul, and spirit


Process- What we must do

1. Re-group: identity and heritage

2. Re-fresh: revival and healing

3. Re-focus: direction, commitment, and alignment

4. Re-build: prayer, worship, and service



The Gainesville Church of God was initially organized and established in the fall of 1932.

Rev. Lex J. Justus,  along with friends and family members, put forth great effort and hard work

to establish the Church.

       The location of the first Church building was on High Street in Gainesville, and the congregation

consisted of only eight members! But great things were in store for the Church as the hard work by all

affiliated with the Church was to be repaid to them with the Lord's wonderful blessings.

       In the next decade during the 1940's, the church members remodeled the Church. The members

worshipped at the High Street location for the better part of three decades, but in the 1950's it was

decided to move to a new location.

       The second location of the Gainesville Church of God was the old Hall County Hospital building.

The building was purchased outright and served as both Church and parsonage for several years.

The Church worked very hard together in unison to enusre the financial needs were met.

The Church trusted the Lord.

        In July of 1970 Rev. James L. Brown came to serve as twenty third pastor. He had a vision for a

new church building to worship in, and later that vision became a reality. In November of 1970, it was

decided to purchase land on which to build a new Church building at a later date. This is when the land

at the current location of the Church was purchased. Once again, members and friends of the Church

put forth a lot of effort and hard work in order to allow them to be able to pay off the debt on the

newly acquired parcel of land.

         In January of 1973 a groundbreaking ceremony was held on the property as the Church was

now ready financially to move forward with construction on the land. This was the third and current

location of the Gainesville Church of God. Upon completion of construction in June 1973, a dedication

service was held on June 24, 1973, with Rev. Floyd J. Timmerman, Georgia State Overseer, serving as

speaker for the day.

         With the help of the Lord, the church has come a long way from our early beginning with

8 members.  Yet, there is so much left for us to do.  Having recently celebrated 75 years of victory

& being honored by the Georgia House of Representatives in recognition of our 75th anniversary,

we look forward to the next 75 years of ministry.  With the continued help from The Lord,

the best days of the Gainesville Church of God are just before us.  If you are looking for a church,

we have a place here for you and your family.  Come and join us and find out what the Lord

is doing today at Gainesville Church of God. 

We welcome you!

Gainesville Church of God
2920 Browns Bridge Rd
Gainesville, GA 30504

Phone: 770-532-3211


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